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14 mounted

This wooden wall vent cover is for the fan I have that blows warm air from the wood stove heated living room into the second floor. The light weight balsa fins open with air flow automatically.

11 wall fan

This is the fan as it sat before the vent cover. This blows into a bedroom on the second floor.

31 Teslapunk Smoke Detector

The vent at the top of this image to the left of the fire alarm bell is the other side of the vent in the Steampunk living room.


First I made an oak frame to fit over the pipe and fan. I used pickling stain color and a semi-gloss varnish.

2 loovers

I created louvers using balsa wood. These were wired to thin brass rod.

4 laid in place

The louvers are seen here lying in there final location on the frame. They were also coated with the pickling stain and varnished.

Brass plate was used to make mounting brackets.

7 loover hung

One of the louvers hung from the first mounting brackets.

8 diskI used brass rod to make bushings to hold the louvers in place.

9 complete

The completed unit ready to mount.

12 frame mount

The frame was screwed to the wall.

14 mounted

Then the louvers were hung in place.

15 fan on

When the fan is turned on the light weight balsa louvers swing outward allowing air flow.

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