Technology Imagined Homepage I made these Steampunk pendant necklaces with hidden compartments as gifts for Christmas. The pendants come apart to reveal a hidden compartment. I inserted rolled up pictures in the three I made. But any small item could be concealed inside. The inspiration was the wood covered brass tubes I made when completing Continue reading “SteamPendants”

Steampunk Floor Protector Pads

Technology Imagined Homepage This is a closeup of a firewood holder I purchased at a flea market several years ago. In order to prevent it from scratching the wood floor I used some off the shelf pads. They don’t fit the feet all that well so I decided to Steampunk it up a bit. I startedContinue reading “Steampunk Floor Protector Pads”

Faradic Battery Restoration

Technology Imagined Homepage 3/16/19 So this is an antique Portable Faradic Battery with rheotome that I purchased at an antique store a couple of years ago.  It is an antique medical device. The left side is the cover that flips down over the base seen on the right. There is a metal cover inside theContinue reading “Faradic Battery Restoration”