Steampunk Balance Accessories-Weights, Tray and Tweezers

Weight Keeper After Completing the Steampunk Analytical Balance I found that I needed some accessories to go with it. First, I found a set of weights on eBay. Second, was a weight tray that could hold all of the weights in an organized fashion. Then I needed a tweezers for lifting the weights and placingContinue reading “Steampunk Balance Accessories-Weights, Tray and Tweezers”

Steampunk Balance

The Start- Restoration Work 3/31/20 I purchased this antique analytical balance. An analytical balance is designed to weigh very accurately, usually to 0.0001 grams.  It is glass enclosed to prevent air movement from causing errors in measurement. In the old mechanical types,weight can be determined remotely through the use of outside levers and slides. ThisContinue reading “Steampunk Balance”


Technology Imagined Homepage I made these Steampunk pendant necklaces with hidden compartments as gifts for Christmas. The pendants come apart to reveal a hidden compartment. I inserted rolled up pictures in the three I made. But any small item could be concealed inside. The inspiration was the wood covered brass tubes I made when completing Continue reading “SteamPendants”

Steampunk Floor Protector Pads

Technology Imagined Homepage This is a closeup of a firewood holder I purchased at a flea market several years ago. In order to prevent it from scratching the wood floor I used some off the shelf pads. They don’t fit the feet all that well so I decided to Steampunk it up a bit. I startedContinue reading “Steampunk Floor Protector Pads”