Where Imagined History  meets High Voltage .

Nikola Tesla was a late 19th early 20th century inventor. He was the one who championed the AC power distribution system we use today. He was a genius with numerous practical  patents to his credit. He also had some pretty wild ideas and did a lot of playing around with very high voltages. Most people have seen pictures of Tesla coils that will generate many thousands of volts of electricity. Most people have also seen the artificial lightning Tesla would create in his lab using them.

Teslapunk is where machines based on this kind of technology are imagined. The photo above is a sculpture I created from a large vintage vacuum tube. While ithis creation serves no purpose beyond aesthetic, I have created some Teslapunk inspired devices that serve practical purposes. For more on all the “punks” see here and here.

In this blog I will chronicle some of these. At least the ones I kept a photographic record of making.

Tesla Motor Patent
Picture from one of Tesla’s electric motor patents

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