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This, my website, is home to Steampunk artwork I have created. I make each piece from a combination of antique, vintage and new components. The artwork are mostly in the Steampunk and/or Teslapunk genre. I’ve shown them during design and creation with enough detail for you to copy or use the ideas for your own projects. For more on the Steampunk and Teslapunk see here and here. You can also go to the menu and look at the “about” and “Teslapunk” pages

Who am I?    Jeffrey Thomas Sodemann

The pictures in the slide show are linked to blogs with more about each piece of Steampunk artwork. There is also a set of links with thumbnails by project name that will get you to the same places. In some of these blog posts I’ve shown very detailed accounts of the pieces created. In others I have just added more pictures of the piece without further description. Most of the pieces are related to Steampunk Decor ideas. Others are straight pieces done for pure enjoyment.

You can also check out my YouTube channel here

  • Steampunk Analytical Balance

Favorite Steampunk Art

Here is a video and link to the current favorite blog post on Technology Imagined. I base this on the most visited post.

Most Recent

Here you will find my most recent project:

Puzzle Box with Faux Lid

I decided for my latest project to create a puzzle box from wood and brass. You can look at the instructions here. A short video of the completed box is shown below.

Steampunk Items For Sale

I make a lot of stuff so I tend to run out of space for my artwork. If your interested in purchasing anything you see here drop me a not in the form below. If I still have it we can negotiate a fair price. If I no longer have it I may be able to make something the same or similar based on the availability of materials. Much of this is made from vintage or antique parts that are not always available.

Macro (Closeup) Lens for a GoPro

I use a GoPro Hero 8 for many of my videos. For the pieces I make I need to do a lot of closeup shots. The GoPro isn’t designed for that so I made a macro lens for the GoPro from an old binocular and spare parts. Of course I made it Steampunk. Below is the “how to” I made showing how I did it.

Picture from one of Tesla’s electric motor patents

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