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This website is home to my artwork. Each item is made from antique, vintage and new components. The pieces are mostly in the Steampunk and/or Teslapunk genre. They are shown during design and creation with enough detail for someone to copy or use the ideas for their own projects. For more on the “punks” see here and here.

Who am I?    Jeffrey Thomas Sodemann

The pictures below are linked to blogs with more about there subjects. Some show very detailed accounts of the pieces creation. Others have more pictures of the piece without further description.

1 Steampunk Fireplace 1

Steampunk Living Room Wood Stove Surround

Steampunk Teslapunk Light Switch
Steampunk Light Switch
Steampunk Skeleton
Steampunk Skeleton
22 Steampunk Butterfly
Steampunk Metal Butterfly
Steampunk Knitting Bowl-Stand
Steampunk Knitting Bowl/Stand

Orrery Solar System Model

Steampunk Orrery
Steampunk Style Microscope Desk Lamp
Microscope Desk Lamp Steampunk Style
Teslapunk Night Light
Teslapunk Night Light
Steam Punk Side Lamps
Etched Glass Maxwell Equation Side Lamps
93 Steampunk Lamp 1
Steampunk Desk Lamp
Steampunk Ceiling Light
Steampunk Ceiling Light
35 Mounted
Antique Sourced Steampunk Wall Cabinet
Steampunk Wall Vent Cover
Wall Vent Cover
101 lid open complete 1
Faradic Battery Restoration
Steampunk Mouse Pad and Computer Base
Steampunk Mouse Pad and Computer Base
21-Closeup complete
Steampunk Floor Pads
Steampunk Pendants
Steampunk Pendants
43-Picture hidden
Steampunk Pendants with Hidden Compartments
Steampunk Wasp N
Steampunk Wasp Sculpture
Steampunk Spider N
Steampunk Spider Sculpture
Steampunk Beetle N
Steampunk Beetle
Steampunk Robotic Hand Lamp
Steampunk Robotic Hand Lamp


Steampunk Analytical Balance

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