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Steampunk Living Room

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This blog post will be a tour through our Steampunk living room. This project was started late in 2012 and reached this state of completion in mid 2017. The act of designing and building the components for this room has inspired me to get involved with making Steampunk/Teslapunk artistic creations.

Steampunk is a genre/style that uses late 19th century technology as a source for science fiction. Think Jules Verne. For more see here.

In these pictures we’ll start in the northeast corner and then swing clockwise through the room.

1 Steampunk Fireplace 1
Northeast Corner. Wood stove with quarter inch steel plate floor and faux rust back panel.
2 Steampunk Fireplace 2
Wood stove, another view of the steam gauges on the left as well as the curtains to the outside patio glass door.
3 Steampunk Fireplace Glass Frames
Wood stove showing more detail. Antique electrical gauges in an arrangement to the right. Steam gauge arrangement on the left. The framed images are screen print on glass of a Nikola Tesla electric motor patent, c1888
4 Teslapunk patent
Closer image of patent display and gauges. The large oak cabinet to the right is the entertainment center. The pyrometer (brass rectangular gauge) is actually set up to read out the temperature of the wood stove.


5 Steampunk Entertainment open
Entertainment center with “map” door open showing the TV inside. The left copper counter weight for balancing the door is visible on the left. There is a matching weight on the other side.
6 Steampunk Enertainment
Entertainment center with “map” door closed, both counter weights visible.
Ent Open Base.JPG
Base of entertainment center with doors for components visible. The glass windows allow for the use of remote controls for the sound system and cable box.
7 Steampunk Hand Lamp corner
Southeast corner. Entertainment center, speaker box on ceiling, hand lamp center, desk and blueprint on right.

32 Teslapunk Speaker box
Close up of Steampunk speaker box.
8 Steampunk Hand Lamp
Steampunk Mechanical Hand Lamp
Hand 2
Steampunk hand lamp detail


Steampunk mechanical hand lamp another view.

You can see more here.

9 Antique Desk Blueprint
South wall of the room. Antique hotel desk with steam engine blueprint mounted on the back wall. The wall is made from faux leather squares mounted with large upholstery tacks
11 Antique Blue Print
Close up of antique hotel desk, steam engine blueprint and on the right a Steampunk lamp.


10 Antique Desk
Close up of antique desk with stool.
12 Steampunk lamp Corner
Southwest Corner. Steampunk floor lamp and speaker box. To the right is the entrance French doors with curtains and illuminated cornice above door.
13 Entrance 2
French doors closed with fuller view of west wall.
16 Steampunk Door Handle
Close up of door handles on French doors fabricated from antique monkey wrenches.
17 Steampunk Window
Another view of the northwest corner. Teslapunk inspired spotlights made from antique “magic lanterns” are ceiling mounted. They act as spot lights for the display case.

Teslapunk Spotlight

One of the spot lights in detail.

20 Steampunk Exit
North wall with glass doors leading to patio. Wood stove is visible to the left with steam gauges.
27 Steampunk Floor Register
Steampunk floor register made from brass plate and antique brass clock gears. The clock key at the top opens and closes the vent.
21 Steampunk Hand wheel door handle
Close up of hand wheel door handle for patio glass doors.
22 Steampunk Exit Curtained
Patio doors with curtains closed.
Top of entertainment center showing an antique (1920’s) “portable” radio and the mimeograph. I made the stand for the mimeograph and decorated it with antique gauges, gears and lenses.
Streampunk Stand
Small Teslapunk end table made from an antique kerosene heater and various other vintage and antique elements. The glass plates are custom cut tempered glass.

23 Steampunk Ceiling Fan

24 Steampunk Ceiling Fan
Views of the ceiling fan and faux rusted steel ceiling.
Room Entrance open
Steampunk room entrance – doors open
Steampunk Door Handle entrance
Entrance  Steampunk door handle
Entrance Bracket
Steel bracket detail on the entrance door. Matching brackets can be seen in the entertainment center pictures above.

22 Teslapunk switch on wll open

Teslapunk light switch. For more on how these were made see here.

Dimmer 1 wall

Teslapunk Light dimmers.

Teslapunk Wall Plate

Teslapunk light switch with two dimmers.

Teslapunk Outlet
Wall plates were made from quarter inch steel plate and cut out on my milling machine.

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