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Steampunk Floor Protector Pads

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21-Closeup complete
1-Wood Bin

This is a closeup of a firewood holder I purchased at a flea market several years ago.

2-Foot Closeup

In order to prevent it from scratching the wood floor I used some off the shelf pads. They don’t fit the feet all that well so I decided to Steampunk it up a bit.

3- Oak Block

I started by cutting some oak blocks to about the right size.

4-Stained+ Copper strip

I cut out four of them and then stained them. The copper strip will be used to add an accent around each pad.

5-copper shaped

Each pad had two copper bands applied about 1/4 inch from the bottom.

6-Copper drilled

The copper strips were pre-drilled for mounting to the oak pads.

7-Copper attached

Brass screws were used to hold the copper strips to the pads.

8-copper attached 2

Two strips were made for each pad.

9-Bore hole

The feet on the firewood bin had protruding centers. Holes were drilled in each pad for these centers to rest in.

11-4 pads

Four pads are shown here, all drilled and ready to varnish.

12- pads varnished

Varnished pads with cut and shaped copper strips.

13 copper drilled

Copper strips pre-drilled.

14-one complete

A varnished pad with copper accent applied.

15- four complete

The four pads almost complete.

16 brass strip

This brass strip was bent in this shape in order to cover the gaps between copper strips. It was cut and drilled at the black mark so it could be screwed to the pad surface and held in place.

17- Brass on

The brass strip covering the gap between copper strips.

18-felt pad

Adhesive backed yellow felt was cut to size and stuck to the bottom of each pad.

19 four pads

The four completed Steampunk floor protector pads. The screws holding the brass strips in place can be seen here.

21-Closeup complete

The firewood bin resting on the floor protector pads.

22-Final Wood bin

The firewood bin with all four protector pads in place.

Technology Imagined Homepage

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