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The Beetle Steampunk Style

Back in 2017 I worked on some insects and a spider with Steampunk designs. My plan was to mount them together in a frame in order to make a Steampunk bug box.  In this blog a Steampunk Beetle was made from antique phone parts.

The shell (Elytra) of the beetle is made from an antique brass bell from a telephone. The bell was split down the middle and the end was cut off to make room for the head and thorax sections. The individual elytra were drilled and tapped with 6-32 threads. Stainless steel screws were screwed into the holes, making the ridges along the elytra. The thorax was made from brass sheet cut and shaped to fit. The head is a second small bell from some unknown vintage device. The antenna are 14 gauge copper wire. The legs are cut from copper sheet. The gear added to the back is from an antique clock. This bug is smaller than the other creatures I made at about four inches long.

Steampunk Beetle N

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