This website is a place where I intend to display my art work. The inspiration for the art I will be displaying here started in late 2012. My wife Kathleen and I decided to remodel our living room. I had always wanted to do a room that would have the look and feel of the images seen in a series of old PC games I had played many years ago. These games were MYST, Riven and the subsequent sequels. I found the style of these games spoke to me. They seemed to have a feeling that was late 19th century, but somehow technologically advanced. Jules Verne type science fiction. I thought it looked cool. So in late 2012 we started on a project to make our living room resemble this style. When I started looking into it at that time I found that the style had a name as well as quite a following. I apparently wasn’t the only geek who found this style fascinating and my fellow appreciators had come up with a name for the style- “Steampunk”.

I have to thank Kathleen for being both tolerant of my plans and also trusting of my vision for the room without my having anything like actual plans. I had a general idea where I wanted this to go, and could see it in my head, but my wife just had to trust me.

Our living room five years on (2017)  has now reached something like completion. I will probably add and change things as time goes on but I thought this site is as good a place as any to show off our creation. Kathleen was a major help in all of the work done.

I had said that this Steampunk Room was the inspiration  for my art. In doing this room I made many custom pieces for both function, lamps, speaker boxes, etc., and decoration. I would fabricate some pieces and combine them with antique and vintage elements to get the style I was looking for. I found that I loved making this stuff. So much so that I started running out of space for them in our Steampunk room. My plan is to continue to make these pieces and display them here. Hopefully they will find and audience that will appreciate and be inspired by them.

For now I will take you on a tour of the room as completed (thus far). In the future I will be adding more details as to how some of the pieces were constructed.Steampunk Living Room


Over the last year I have added  several new blog posts for art pieces created. The first one was a steampunk skeleton I made for my daughter for Christmas. The second was a steampunk butterfly made for my other daughter. Also added a blog for a knitting bowl stand I made for my wife Kathleen.


An Orrery is a working model of the solar system. They’re very Steampunk so I decided to try an make one with a box of gears I purchased on eBay.