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Steampunk Wasp Sculpture

Steampunk Wasp Sculpture

Back in 2017 I worked on some insects and a spider with Steampunk designs. My plan was to mount them together  on a frame in order to make a Steampunk bug box.  In this blog a wasp was made from antique clock parts.

Unfortunately I did not take pictures during the construction. The body length is a threaded rod that acts as a central spine along which body segments are attached The abdomen was made by coiling two clock springs in opposite directions tapering them toward the front and back. The thorax is made from four gears spaced apart along the threaded rod. This was similar to the abdomen of the Metal Butterfly  I made a couple of years ago. The head was fabricated from a brass plate with the eyes being beaten copper sheets soldered to the head. The legs are the chime levers from a clock. These would have tripped the hammers when the clock gonged. The stinger is a small nail held in place by an acorn nut screwed to the end of the threaded rod. The acorn nut was drilled in the center for the nail to slide into. The wings were fabricated from balsa wood that was varnished with multiple layers of polyurethane.

Steampunk Wasp N

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