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Steampunk Robotic Hand Lamp

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21 Steampunk Hand LampSeveral years ago I had an idea for a floor lamp that would be a Steampunk robotic hand holding a a light source. This was another creation I made for my Steampunk Living Room.

19 Steampunk Lamp whole

I had a telescope tripod for the base and an arm from a desk lamp. Some large gears would serve as a counter weight and I added a sewing machine hand wheel as a center adjustment knob.

Connector Base

13 Original Center

I machined a center shaft where I mounted the arm. In the end the arm proved to be too weak to support the weight and needed to be replace.

11 Original Center

The connection proved to be too brittle and was replaced.

Counter Weight

12 New Center

The arm was still used but an outside stainless steel support tube was machined for the arm to slide into.

The Steampunk Hand

1 Steampunk Hand Lamp 1

The hand itself was fabricated from copper and brass. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the making of the digits.

The sides of the digits were cut from copper strips. The tops were brass plate cut to fit. Brass rod was bored out and the copper and brass pieces soldered together. In this way 14 digits were made, three for each finger and two for the thumb.

4 Steampunk Hand

The back of the hand was also covered in brass, with antique clock gears imbedded to look like they powered the fingers.

5 Steampunk Hand

Each of the brass rods in the digits were tapped with 6-32 threads so brass screws could be used to hold the fingers together from both sides.

6 Steampunk Hand

In this way the fingers were fully articulated, so the hand could be wrapped around any lamp that I made.

The original lamp was fabricated from scratch, shown here with the hand.

15 New Steampunk Hand Lamp

I was never satisfied with the original lamp. Eventually I found this shell for an antique automobile head light on ebay.

16 New Steampunk Hand Lamp

This worked much better. I added the skirt and spikes to make it more menacing.

18 New Steampunk Back

The counter weight was twisted 90 degrees,

19 Steampunk Lamp whole

and the lamp was complete.

22 Steampunk Hand Closeup

Another view of the hand wrapped around the new lamp.

23 Steampunk Hand Closeup

A closeup of the hand and lamp.

24 Steampunk Hand Closeup

Another. Notice my binnacle in the background. This is a new addition to the room.

25 Steampunk Hand Lamp Lit

One more with the lamp lit up.

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