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Steampunk Knitting Stand

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Starting Materials

The final piece for Christmas is a gift for my wife. I decided to make a knitting stand using as the base a wooden knitting bowel I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

10 Steampunk Knitting Bowl

The bowel is designed to hold a ball of yarn with it threaded through the hole. It holds the yarn in place while knitting. My idea was to build a decorative stand for the bowl that would bring the strand level to chair/couch height.

11 Bottom Gear

I had a brass gear the same diameter as the bottom of the bowl. I drilled four holes into it so it could be attached to the bowl.

12 Gear Attached

This is the gear attached to the bowl.

Stainless Steel Mount

13 Steel bushing

I turned a stainless steel bushing on the lathe that would attach to the short shaft seen on the gear above.

14 Tapping the bushing

The bushing was drilled and tapped so set screws could be used to hold it to the gear shaft.

15 Bushing attached

The bushing and bowl assembly. The narrow part of the bushing is the same diameter as the inside diameter of a 2 inch copper fitting used in plumbing.

Copper Supports

16 Copper Couplings

Two of these fitting will be used to hold the legs of the stand in place.

17 Bowl on copper

Bowel assembly slid onto the copper fitting.

21 Drilling the copper
22 Copper bottom
23 Copper bottom

The copper fittings were drilled equidistant in the center 120 degrees apart. One of the tubeshad a copper disk soldered to one end.

Brass Legs

18 Brass rod

Three legs will be cut from quarter inch square brass stock.

19 Bending the legs
20 Three Legs

The legs were bent at the bottom to a 30 degree angle. The legs were then drilled in different locations for attachment to the copper fittings.

24 Attaching legs

Two legs attached.


The legs are shown here attached to the copper fittings.


Rubber stoppers were used to make feet for the stand.


Short sections of clock chain were attached to the legs. With the copper plate in the bottom fitting, knitting needles can be inserted through the chain into the bottom copper tube for storage.

Pictures of the Completed Stand

29 Bowl with gear

As a finishing touch a brass gear was screwed to the bowl around the hole for the yarn.


The completed stand ready for use next to a chair.


Another view.


A close up of the bottom.

31 Steampunk knitting stand 2


34 Steampunk knitting bowl

The bowl can be slid out of the stand for use on a table or other location.

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