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Steampunk Floor Vent

Steampunk Floor Vent

This is a floor vent I made in the Steampunk Style for the living room project. I did this project a few years ago while working on the the Steampunk living room project.

Key inserted into floor vent

In this image I have taken the vent out of the floor and inserted the key. The vent opening is made up of brass gears that I have soldered into a group of interlocking teeth.

These pictures show a couple of more views of the Steampunk Floor Vent with the one on the right showing a better view of the interlocking gears.

The image on the right is a closeup of the mechanism that opens and closes the vent by rotating the key which rotates the threaded rod. A nut attached to the vent cover then moves in front of the vent opening. On the right you can see the vent closed as viewed from the bottom.

A couple of other views of the Steampunk floor vent

These are pictures of the vent by the floor opening and after installation.

Vent installed with clock key stored on hook

The clock winding key used to open and close the vent is stored on a brass hook mounted to the wood frame of the adjacent French door.

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